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Company Philosophy

WHAT WE DO - We do repair and maintenance work on Honda and Acura automobiles. We are highly trained specialists. We also work on Toyota, Volvo, Lexus, Nissan and other cars.

Service Excellence - Testimonials

We have been a trusted auto repair shop in Everett since 1991! Owner Steve Haug has over 31 years of experience as a Certified Honda and Acura Specialist. 

Simply the best for your Acura and Honda needs. I have taken my cars to Steve and his team for many years and they offer a great combination of experience, customer service & fair prices. Auto maintenance doesn’t have to be like a visit to the dentist – these folks are a pleasure to work with!

Greg Oliver
Mukilteo, WA

Excellent service and high integrity is not just what the staff of Accurate Automotive strives for, it is what they deliver. I have had nothing but great experiences with Accurate Automotive and trust them with all of my auto service needs.

Everett, WA

All I really look for when I need service, whether it be dental or automotive, is simply to find someone who I can deal with honestly. I was told that I needed a new rack and pinion steering assembly after going in for a front end alignment. The estimate was for over 3000 dollars. I wanted a second opinion so I decided to give Accurate Automotive a try. I explained my issue with Steve at Accurate. My situation with my car didn't sit too well with Steve as he had never seen that type of problem with my type of auto (2006 Acura RL). He did some research into recalls and he advised me to see the dealer. I saw the dealer and pleasantly found out that there wasn't any problem with my steering after all and I basically had warped rotors which needed resurfacing so I was good to go after paying 87 dollars. Although Steve never serviced my auto personally it was his honesty and integrity which put me on the right path to a happy outcome and for that I would like to offer my sincere gratitude.

Albert Hernandez

A few years back my daughter had an '88 Accord. The engine would kill after a few blocks. I called Accurate Automotive and spoke with Steve. I told him my problem and wanted to make an appointment to look into the issue she was having. Steve told me that the solution may be "setting" the choke which you do as you start the car. That fixed the problem. I did not forget his honesty, and we service our Honda(s) with Accurate. There is a great deal of comfort in knowing that at Accurate Automotive skill and integrity are paramount.

Arnie Aljets

We are in the process of adding a testimonials page to our web site. If you would like to share your experience with Accurate Automotive, we would love to hear it. Send an email to and share your story!

Who We Are

There's someone we would like you to meet... Our staff. Together, we have over 40 years of experience specializing in Honda and Acura repair. Take a few minutes to learn more about who we are.

Steve Haug

Steve Haug, Owner, Accurate Automotive. Steve began Accurate Automotive in 1991, after working as a senior technician for several Honda and Acura dealerships locally, as well as in Alaska. Steve has over 31 years of experience servicing Honda and Acura vehicles, including 17 years as an automotive service business owner. As a local business owner, Steve is also involved in several local charitable organizations. In his off time, Steve enjoys fishing, motorcycle riding, camping & spending time with his family. Steve is a lifetime member of the American Motorcycle Association.

Kurt Benson

Kurt Benson has been with Accurate Automotive since 2006. Kurt has over 22 years of automotive service experience, as well as ownership of his own repair shop. Kurt’s experience spans all makes of vehicles, with a strong knowledge of Volvo maintenance. Kurt enjoys duck hunting & fishing. He is a lifetime member of Duck’s Unlimited.

Both Martin and Kurt continue their automotive service certification by attending CTI courses annually.

Why Us

We really care about our customers. That is why everything we do is done with the highest degree of integrity. Our staff will always make sure you are well taken care of.

Steve Haug, Owner - Accurate Automotive.